Why Train with Clever Paws

Clever Paws........

...certified trainer with with yearly continuing education credits

​...science based training methods used based upon how dogs learn

​...true positive reinforcement (Force and Fear Free) training to promote trust and confidence

...small class size providing quality learning time for puppies, dogs and handlers   

...provides exploration experience within the classroom with a mulititude of objects

​...dogs gain confidence while trust & communication is strengthened between dog and handler!

Certified Trainer


The dog training field is unregulated so it is important to find a certified trainer with continuing education credits. A certified trainer understands how dogs learn, body language and has devoted time and money to educating themselves to provide you and your dog a quality training experience. Clever Paws' trainer not only has the certification and CEU's but a background in education to help teach everyone involved. 

Training Method


Clever Paws trainers use science based training methods. Dogs learn through reward based training. A reward may be attention, play, food or other rewards based upon the environment and dog. At Clever Paws we focus on catching good behavior and teaching manners to prevent unwanted behaviors. Clever Paws is force and fear free and focuses on building communication and a bond with your dog.